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Hi! I'm Natalia

 Welcome to My Turnbull Tribe and I! Thank you for stopping by!
My name is Natalia and I’m so glad to share with you a little bit of what we are and a little bit of what we do. 

The truth is that this story didn’t start so long ago but I’ll tell you this.... a lot has happened since it all started.

Arturo and I were always “present” in each other’s life. But not in a romantic way till 2013! Some of my friends were his friends and the other way around, his sister and my sister were very close since they were little girls. So he was always “there”.  But of course we never imagined that not that many years latter we would build a family of 6!
So, along came Oli! She is 4 years old now and I don’t mean to sound like a show off  mom ,but geez! Is that girl special!
She arrived to our lives exactly when she had to.
And then ,one year later the twins decided to show up! I have to confess that I wasn’t surprised when my doctor told me there were two on the way. 

Do you know that feeling when they give you some news but you don’t feel surprised at all because maybe your heart already knew? That’s exactly how I felt that day. I just felt so ready for it even If I really wasn’t. 

We’ll be sharing things about our everyday life, from play dates, baby development Activities,to nutrition, recipes, wellbeing ,among other things. 

I just want  you to know I am not a baby/kid guru, expert, doctor, or anything like that and everything that I’ve learned comes from my experience as a parent. It is very important to understand that as parents we all create,build and establish our “methods” based on the fact that each child, family and situation is unique and different. 

We hope you enjoy this little space that we are building
with so much love for and with you!

 Natalia Medrano.

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