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Is there such thing as beeing“the perfect mother? Well, I’m not really sure. 

After two pregnancies and three kids the only thing that I am sure of, is that there is no secret formula or right way to do it. 

With all the information we have now and all the opinions we hear we can easily get confused and doubt ourselves.  Am I doing the “right thing”?


What is the “right thing” anyway?
I just want to make something clear, every mother and every child is different but we constantly feel pressured by society and ourselves about different situations like: if we are breastfeeding or giving them formula, leaving the babies with someone else while we do our things and have a little bit of space, giving them organic or non organic food,etc. 

In my case, I had a really hard time adapting from one baby to three. When Olivia was born she had all my attention,time, mind,space and love. And then when the twins came into the picture everything changed. 

I constantly feel guilty because  it is physically and emotionally impossible to give them my full attention at the same time. 

I often wonder if I’m doing the best I can and if I’m doing it “right”.

I don’t consider myself an expert but after all i can say that I’ve learned a lot and I simply do the best that I can. 

Maybe I’m far form being the perfect mom, but everything I do, I do it thinking of being one.

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By Natalia Medrano.

Hello! Welcome to My Turnbull Tribe and I!

Thank you for stopping by!

My name is Natalia and I’m so glad to share with you a little bit of what we are and a little bit of what we do. 


The truth is that this story didn’t start so long ago but I’ll tell you this.... a lot has happened since it all started.



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