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Easy Vegan Cheddar Cheese Sauce

Actualizado: 13 dic 2018

JULY 19th 2018

I just found the most amazing Vegan Nachos! And guess what?

I got the recipe so you can also try them!

A couple of days ago while I was in Vallarta I received a friend request from a place called “The Green Place”.

Clearly the name called my attention and after looking at their food pictures and menu I wanted to go in at that very moment. So the next day we went to have breakfast and we (Arturo, Oli & I) fell completely in love with the food and the place!

“The Green Place” project was born with the intention of showing and proving people that eating healthy and delicious is totally possible! They are really interested in educating and informing their costumers about having a healthy lifestyle to improve their health and life quality .

One time wasn’t enough for us so we went back the next day and that was when Sahara the owner brought us to the most amazing Vegan Nachos to the table! And guess what?

I got the recipe so you can also try them!

I have more good news! You can use this recipe for more than just nachos. Basically anywhere that you would use melted cheddar cheese, you can now use this recipe (baked potato,grilled cheese sandwich , veggie dip or you can even stir into noodles for quick mac and cheese!).

Attention! beware that once you make a batch, you will probably eat the whole thing . I’m warning you!


2 potatoes

3 carrots

1/3 cup of Olive oil

1/3 cup of water

1 tablespoon of lemon juice

1 ½ teaspoonful of salt

Jalapeño peppers (in small dices)


* Cook your potatoes and carrots in boiling water until smooth.

* Once they are ready, put them inside your blender along with the other ingredients (Except for the Jalapeño Peppers and Olive Oil) and blend everything until smooth

* Add Olive Oil little by little while the ingredients are still blending.

Then all of a sudden, magic! Everything comes together and makes this deliciousness!

Enjoy your cheese preferably with multigrain nacho chips and Jalapeño Peppers on top!

Thank you "The Green Place" for this delicious recipe!

Honduras #309, Col. 5 de Diciembre, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

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