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When in Disneyland

May 20th 2019

I look really relaxed in this picture but I was carrying 26 lb in each arm!LOL

OK, OK… I´ll just say it. Taking two 1-year-olds, two 3- year-olds and a 7-year-old to Disneyland was kind of a crazy idea. To be honest, it sounded very magical and easy in our heads. 3 adults, 5 kids What could go wrong …RIGHT?

Arriving at LAX on our way to the car rental station :)

This post is not about DO’S and DONT’S during a Disney trip with kids because I think we can find plenty of those (which are very useful!) all over the Internet, the only tip I’m gonna give you is….. SNACKS!!! take as many healthy snack as you can! believe me!.

This post is more about the experience of feeling exhausted but at the same time infinitely happy about seeing the reaction of my kids every time we went on a ride or saw a Disney character walking by!

Always chasing Minnie!

Hello Jessie! at California Adventure Park

This was the first trip my mother, my sister and I ever made with all 5 grandchildren. I just really enjoyed “living” beside them again for a week and being able to spend mother’s day with them just meant the world to me.

I can’t tell you all the things that happened to us because they might only be funny to us (inside jokes) and I might bore you, but I’ll tell you this… there was a lot of crying from laughter involved.

You can ignore our tired looking faces and puffy eyes! haha

My twins usually wake up at 6 am (where we live) , this means they were waking up at 4am (Anaheim time)… So yes, most of the days I was up since that precious time. This is the main reason why we never got to see the fireworks at 9:30 pm at the park, I mean… it was humanly impossible to be out and about for so many hours.

There were definitely some really stressful episodes during the day but somehow this was always compensated with a magical one. We did take two days off from Disney parks because we didn’t want the kids to be overtired (yes sure…the kids, not us).Those were the days we went to Laguna beach and Lido (which I highly recommend).

Laguna Beach

This is my aunt Besty who lives in California and helped us with the kids for a day (I love you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!)

We really had the best time eating by the beach and playing in the sand with no worries at all. I could easily live in California!

I just want to make something clear here, I’m not trying to sell you the idea that traveling with babies is easy and relaxing because it is NOT, you just need to have the best disposition and a handful of patience. But at the end when I look back, it is just really rewarding and satisfying to know that I’m creating so many memories with my family.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique was definitely one of the big highlights of the trip! I’m sure you all saw my Instagram Stories (if not, you can see them in my Disney 2 highlights! ) where Oli and Tuti where transformed and treated like princesses while Gaston ( from “The Sleeping beauty”) was “flirting” with them, it was just hilarious in every way possible!

Oli's Fairy Godmother doing some magic!

It is important to know that you need to make the reservation 60 days before your visit (you can’t do it before). The thing is, you can’t make the appointment through the web page, you need to call and you’ll be on hold for at least 80 minutes… BUT it is really worth it!

We were lucky enough to find Cinderella´s Fairy Godmother outside the Boutique which is not a common thing to happen, it was really the cherry on top!

Oli holding her crown! I mean... this is almost too much love to handle!

It just felt like since “Cinderella’s Castle” was closed due to restoration, there were a lot of Disney characters all over the place interacting with people just to make it up to us and add a little magic since the most iconic element in the park was closed. Luckily for me I’m attending the Castle's re-opening next May 24th! I’ll let you know why later this week :).

“If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started by a mouse"- Walt Disney

So happy to share this experience with you and looking forward to sharing many more!

I love you MOM! Best grandma in the world!

Oli wanted to buy EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE!!!

NEATNESS was not a highlight during the trip! haha

Jero & Ju (my nephew)

It's a small world after all!

Having breakfast at "Goofy's kitchen"

The stroller that saved my life! and by back!

Minnie's house

Jero is soooo ready to see Aladdin's new movie!

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