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Where am I?

Hello! remember me? What? Yes? Oh! That’s great!... I’m glad you do because apparently I don’t.

A few weeks algo I was really surprised when I couldn’t answer one simple question. How would you define yourself? I just kept writing and erasing the things I wrote because I just didn’t feel comfortable with my answer. At first I thought it was funny but after a few minutes I just got anxious and started to worry, A LOT!

Is it possible to feel like you have everything figured out and also feel lost at the same time?

I feel really confident about myself as a mother but as a woman I’m not exactly sure.

Why? When did this happen?

I thought that I was giving all of me, the best of me. And it turns out that I slowly started to “lose” myself without even noticing.

I’m just gonna say it: i love my kids with all my heart and soul but I’m happy to have a little “free” time now that they started to go to school. Is that wrong? Am I a bad mom for feeling this way?

I could say that I don’t really care about what people say about me but the truth is that as a young mom I feel a huge pressure. Because let’s face it. We are easy targets for those who have an opinion about everything.

I’ve learned a lot, I’ve grown and the most important thing is that I’m conscious of how I forgot a little (a lot actually) about myself. So now I’m happy to have 4 hours a day to find myself again and give the best of me in whatever life has to give next.

All my admiration and respect to all the working moms, stay at home moms, new moms, young moms, old moms, women who are not ready to be moms yet or simply don’t want to. Each of us has different battles, concerns and priorities, so we should never feel the right to judge what we do not understand.

I’ve accomplished many challenges in my life so what’s wrong with wanting to do and learn more?. Is not that being a mom is not enough it’s just that I just realized not everything is about THEM, it’s about me too.

Natalia .M

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