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Why Oli’s acts?

Actualizado: 13 dic 2018

JULY 18th 2018

I’m dedicating this post to Olivia so you can understand many of the things you’ve already seen in my pictures and videos.

I’m totally aware that mothers see their children with special eyes, since we think they are all special and simply the best.

But this is different, this is me being conscious of having a daughter with whom I have a huge mission and responsibility.

I really feel completely blessed and scared at the same time as being the one responsible of guiding her through her path. Even though sometimes it just feels the other way around.

What was life without you Olivia? Seriously, I can barely remember. From the day I knew you she was growing inside of me until today she’s been a real life teacher who has completely opened my mind to possibilities and feelings I didn’t know existed.

Ever since I can remember she’s been making an impact in people in a very particular way. I truly don’t think that someone who has been in touch with her can easily forget her.

She is only two years old and it is not that she acts a different age. She just acts her own age but to the fullest. Do you know what I mean?

She only needs to hear a word, sentence, expression or song a couple of times and then she just owns it and keeps it forever.

I created Oli’s Acts (in my Instagram) because I don’t want to forget and loose all of those memories. And also because they seem to make people smile. Yes, that is what Oli does, she makes you smile. . . So why shouldn’t I share it?

Baby One More Time


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